Caring transitions

We offer service and advice for estate sales, staging your home to sell, while assisting clients through this changing time in their lives.

There are several typical tracks on which seniors and families find themselves. Which track are you on? Precipitated by necessity or by choice?

In either case, we offer comprehensive advice to help you on your way, with lists of items to keep in mind as you go through this process.

When couples, families, or seniors decide to finally sell the family home and downsize into something smaller or different, there is much more to this process than merely selling and buying. Complications enter the process at several critical points, and people who have not engaged in this process in many years can make serious errors.

Cathy offers estate sales and support team for all aspects of your transition:

We provide one stop shopping for all your changing needs.

If you are entering the process of selling your home, you need to begin by consulting Cathy Travis Realtor, downsizing specialist and licenced home stager.

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